CMRK is a network of four independent institutions in Graz whose common interest lies in the conveyance of contemporary art within an international context.

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8 pm Camera Austria
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All exhibitions are open on 23 June, 2017 from 6 to 10 pm.

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Un-Curating the Archive

Based on a Reference Collection by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch
Part I: 1974 – 1989

Camera Austria
June 24 – August 13, 2017

In recent years, a series of artistic positions were present—both in the exhibitions of Camera Austria and in the magazine Camera Austria International—which deal with questions related to the archive. So on the one hand, the point is to imagine archives that do not exist but would be necessary, and on the other, to add something to archives that is lacking, that is repressed or excluded. Our surveying of the Camera Austria archive attempts to bring together these different explorative questions. Is it an archive that could add something not yet present to the established narratives about the relevance of contemporary art photography? What other history might it tell? How could it be brought into association with the idea of the “anti-archive” (Peter Friedl)? And how about the uncomfortable question of what power this archive may hold? The artists Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch have developed a publication concept in which all archival material is presented in the exhibition as a reference collection. The archive is reconquering the exhibition space, yet without becoming a veritable exhibition object. It is leaving the file cabinet in order to expose itself to the question of the topicality of its “truth production”.

Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch,
Archiv Camera Austria, 2017