CMRK is a network of four independent institutions in Graz whose common interest lies in the conveyance of contemporary art within an international context.

6pm  <rotor>
7pm Camera Austria
8pm Grazer Kunstverein
9pm Künstlerhaus KM– Halle für Kunst & Medien

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Departure Vienna
9.3.2018, 3pm
Opera bus stop, Bus 59a
Departure Graz
9.3.2018, 10.30pm
Künstlerhaus KM–, Burgring 2


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Carl Johan Högberg: She Who Speaks
Niamh O’Malley: Foiled Glass

Grazer Kunstverein
9 March – 19 May 2018

Grazer Kunstverein presents two exhibitions dedicated to reflection and contemplation, marking a new year of artistic programming that begins in Spring 2018.

She Who Speaks by Carl Johan Högberg is an exhibition that orbits around the myth and legacy of Hélčne Smith, a clairvoyant well known in 19th Century Switzerland who supposedly communed with Martians and inspired Surrealists from Paris to Geneva. Striking a kinship across historical time, Högberg’s exhibition explores the ethics of interpretation, the medium of mediation, and the impossibility of hearing one’s true voice, or meeting one’s gaze directly across the great storm of history. Högberg, in residence at the Grazer Kunstverein throughout the Spring Season, presents a new iteration of this ongoing body of work, comprised of paintings, tapestries and sculptural installation.

Niamh O’Malley’s artwork reveals a profound appreciation for the act of trying. Trying to catch a certain slant of light, trying to prove a pattern or uncover a composition, trying to fathom a mountain, trying to hold time still. Through moving image, mark making and sculptural materials it is this act of trying, in the face of predictable failure, that gives way to conviction and a sense of hope within the artist’s work. Full of reflection, both literal and metaphorical, filled with absence and framed by negative space, O’Malley’s work asserts something unstoppable about the human spirit. Foiled Glass is O’Malley’s first major exhibition in Austria. It includes the presentation of a selection of video and sculptural work dating from 2013 to the present, and a new site-specific painting along the exterior of the Grazer Kunstverein.